Our Family

“Behind the scenes of our wonderful donut shop…

           we are a close-knit family that believes in loyalty, love, and above all, respect.”

Our wonderful family!

Jin, Sun, Kelly and Tommy

We (Jin – husband/father and Sun – wife/mother) have been happily married for over __ years, and have two amazing children, Kelly and Tommy. The bond our family shares is extremely important to us; and without that bond, SK Donuts would not be possible!

In our personal life, we enjoy ____.

Working together over the past year our business has begun to thrive! Locals here in Dallas, Texas enjoy the personal touch that makes us stand out from other donut shops. Quality is important in everything we do; but most of all we aim to provide big smiles, a family breakfast stop, and donuts that all of our guests can enjoy.

Here are what our guests have said about SK Donuts:


Holly G. from Yelp.com says,

Read the full review here

“There are fresh kolaches and breakfast croissants all the way to closing… [and] now that we are regulars… [We] cannot say enough about this little shop.”

-posted 5/13/2012


Teeds from UrbanSpoon.com says,

Read the full review here

“Great new donut shop worth a stop. They include jalapeños in the dough for their Jalapeño Kolaches which is yummy surprise!”

-posted 11/05/2011


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